What Does 3 Dots Tattoo Mean

The smallest tattoo that got people’s attention was a three-dot tattoo. What does 3 dots tattoo mean?

Unmistakable works of identity art are tattoos. Every tattoo has a narrative, but few of them are symbols of a certain way of life. One of the tattoos is the three-dot design.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Mi vida loca?” This tattoo, then, is a representation of that person’s chaotic lifestyle. The three dots tattoo, which is a common representation of the gangster lifestyle among criminals, is inked on the hands or in the area around the eyes. Let’s dotafaq.com find out more what does 3 dots tattoo mean!

What does 3 dots tattoo mean & Symbolism of it

What does 3 dots tattoo mean
What does 3 dots tattoo mean

What does 3 dots tattoo mean, The three dots tattoo has a genuinely intriguing meaning and may be completed in a matter of seconds while yet telling a life-long story. It was first noticed by the gangsters incarcerated at the time. Even though the three-dot tattoo is now a well-known emblem around the world, few can live up to it.

You better assume you’ve stumbled across a gang member or ex-offender if you see this kind of tattoo. Because we all know that the life of a mobster is the craziest there is, the phrase “three words and three dots” was chosen.

First fun fact: According to our speculation, Ice Cube has a three-dot tattoo on his face. His rap lyrics may scream “gangsta,” but he was never a part of a gang.

What does 3 dots tattoo mean, His three dots are actually moles that have been carefully positioned to form a triangle. Even on Twitter, he felt compelled to clear the air and state the facts. The thug life selected him, not him the thug life, right?

Where Is It Placed?

What does 3 dots tattoo mean
What does 3 dots tattoo mean

People who have a tattoo of three triangular dots are certainly living on the edge. Their tattoo serves as a badge of honor for their hectic lifestyle. These individuals, who have been positioned beneath the knuckles, hands, and eye corners, have no desire to conceal their identities. Even better, they want to stand out among other gang members and inmates.

Fortunately, the tattoo is so tiny that you won’t feel anything while applying it, regardless of where you choose to place it. Unlike other intricate tattoos, the discomfort from this one is almost undetectable. It is thus placed in such a prominent location so that everyone may see it and understand what is going on.

“In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” — Amen

Many criminals pray for God’s protection for their lifestyle as well as the “gangsta life,” as they both. Consequently, the three dots tattoo is also a religious icon representing the holy spirit, the father, and the son.

Gang members use religion as a form of protection throughout the day because they live each minute as if it were their last. Each day is a blessing for criminals who live on the streets or in prison; they are simply thankful to be alive. “My life is violent, but violent is life,” said Ice-T, “Peace is a dream, but reality is a knife.”

Three Dots Tattoo Will Shield You From Evil Spirits & Evil Eyes — Indians Say

Indian ladies managed to stop the negative energy. They have placed their trust in the three dots emblem to protect their health and beauty.

Indian ladies tattoo the three dots on their chins or cheeks. However, not all women who display these symbols are permanently tattooed. Additionally, some women apply black mascara. In any event, they firmly believe in the symbol’s paranormal powers. They also applied it to babies to protect them from unwelcome looks and evil intentions. Although it is an outdated custom, we are certain that some women continue to wear it as a symbol of protection.

Five Dots Tattoo — Is It the Same?

What does 3 dots tattoo mean
What does 3 dots tattoo mean

What does 3 dots tattoo mean, The three-dot tattoo has nothing to do with the five-dot tattoo in any way. The five dots tattoo tells another story—a time spent in prison—in contrast to the three dots tattoo, which symbolizes one’s chaotic lifestyle.

The quincunx, made up of four dots, represents the four prison walls while the fifth dot symbolizes the prisoner confined behind those walls. Although the meanings of these two tattoos differ, we can all agree that their simplistic designs have a deeper meaning than any other intricate tattoos.

The five dots tattoo, which is inked between the thumb and index finger, has more meanings than only living in prison, including:

  • The fertility symbol serves as a warning to treat and safeguard women with the highest respect. 
  • Romani people use it as a sign of recognition. 
  • Five dots might represent a close-knit group of pals. 
  • Some interpret the five-dot tattoo as a symbol of independence from the outside world. 
  • a representation of the Northern Californian gang 15 Street Locos 
  • The five-dot tattoo represents the five shields on the Portuguese flag for those who are Portuguese.

Thomas Eddison had a tattoo of five dots inserted on his forearm. Of course he did; after all, he is the tattoo’s creator. He created the electric pen, which later developed into the modern tattoo pen. The meaning of his tattoo is unknown, although conspiracy theorists believe the dots to represent Eddison’s wife’s name in Morse code.


If you can’t live up to the tattoo’s true meaning, then you shouldn’t get a three-dot design.

What does 3 dots tattoo mean, Are you qualified to wear this symbol? The only factor that affects the meaning is placement, therefore choose it carefully. Everyone makes mistakes eventually, and fortunately there is a technique to conceal your tattoo, but what good is living a wild life if you are frightened to show off your tattoo, isn’t it?

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