Meteor Hammer Dota 2: A Complete Guide

Are you looking for a way to bring the heat to your Dota 2 gameplay? Look no further than the Meteor Hammer. This item is a powerful tool in the right hands, able to turn the tide of a battle with a single strike. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Meteor Hammer in Dota 2, from what it is and how it works to the best strategies for using it effectively.

What is Meteor Hammer in Dota 2?

Meteor Hammer is a unique item in Dota 2 that combines the power of two separate abilities: Meteor and Hammer. When activated, it creates a fiery meteor that crashes down on a targeted area, dealing damage and stunning enemies within range. After a short delay, a hammer strikes that same area, dealing additional damage and stunning enemies once again.

This powerful combination of abilities makes Meteor Hammer a versatile tool in any player’s arsenal. It’s particularly useful for heroes who lack crowd control abilities but still need to deal significant damage to their enemies.

How to Get Meteor Hammer in Dota 2

There are several ways to obtain Meteor Hammer in Dota 2. The easiest way is to purchase it from the in-game shop for 2,900 gold. This can be done at any time during a match, but it’s important to consider the timing carefully.

The best time to buy Meteor Hammer is usually after the laning phase has ended. This is when heroes start moving around the map more and team fights become more common. It’s during these fights that Meteor Hammer can really shine, so having it in your inventory before things get too intense is crucial.

Another way to obtain Meteor Hammer is by combining two separate items: Oblivion Staff and Crown. This method is slightly more complicated than simply buying the item outright, but it can be a cost-effective way to obtain Meteor Hammer if you already have the necessary items.

In the next sections, we’ll cover the best heroes to use Meteor Hammer with and some of the different builds and strategies you can use to make the most of this powerful item.

Best Heroes to Use Meteor Hammer With

While Meteor Hammer can be effective on a variety of heroes, some heroes are better suited to using this item than others. Heroes who lack crowd control abilities or have long casting times can benefit greatly from Meteor Hammer’s stun and area of effect damage.

Some of the best heroes to use Meteor Hammer with include:

  • Jakiro: This hero already has a stun ability, but Meteor Hammer can be used to follow up with additional damage and crowd control.
  • Shadow Shaman: Similar to Jakiro, Shadow Shaman has a stun ability but can use Meteor Hammer to lock down enemies for even longer periods of time.
  • Phoenix: This hero has a long casting time on its ultimate ability, but Meteor Hammer can be used to stun enemies and set up the ultimate for maximum effectiveness.

Meteor Hammer Builds and Strategies

There are several different builds and strategies you can use when using Meteor Hammer in Dota 2. The most common build for Meteor Hammer involves combining it with other items that increase its effectiveness.

One popular build involves combining Meteor Hammer with Blink Dagger and Aghanim’s Scepter. This build allows you to quickly move around the map and set up devastating combos with Meteor Hammer.

Another effective build involves combining Meteor Hammer with other items that increase your hero’s damage output, such as Desolator or Daedalus. This build is best used on heroes that have high damage output but lack crowd control abilities.

When it comes to using Meteor Hammer effectively in the game, there are several strategies you can employ. One of the most effective strategies is to use it during team fights. By targeting a group of enemies with Meteor Hammer, you can stun them and deal significant damage, giving your team the upper hand in the fight.

Another strategy is to use Meteor Hammer to split push and take down enemy towers quickly. By targeting the tower with Meteor Hammer, you can deal significant damage and stun any enemies who try to defend it.

Finally, it’s important to use Meteor Hammer strategically, taking into account the enemy team’s abilities and positioning. Using it at the wrong time can leave you vulnerable to counterattacks, so always be aware of your surroundings and use it wisely.

With these Meteor Hammer builds and strategies, you’ll be well on your way to dominating your Dota 2 matches and becoming a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Meteor Hammer in Competitive Dota 2

Meteor Hammer may not be the most popular item in competitive Dota 2, but it still has a valuable role to play in high-level matches. In particular, it’s often used by support players who need to provide crowd control for their team without sacrificing too much in terms of damage output.

Professional players use Meteor Hammer in a variety of ways. Some use it as a way to set up their team’s ultimate abilities, while others use it to initiate team fights or to secure objectives like towers or Roshan.

One famous example of a successful Meteor Hammer play in competitive Dota 2 was during The International 2019. In a match between and Vici Gaming,’s support player, Solo, used Meteor Hammer to stun Vici Gaming’s entire team and secure a crucial team fight victory for his team.


In conclusion, Meteor Hammer is a powerful and versatile item in Dota 2 that can be used to great effect in a variety of situations. Whether you’re looking to initiate team fights, secure objectives, or simply provide crowd control for your team, Meteor Hammer is a must-have item in your inventory.

When buying Meteor Hammer, it’s important to consider the timing carefully and to choose the right hero to use it with. With practice and a bit of experimentation, you’ll soon be able to use this item to devastating effect in your Dota 2 matches.

So, if you’re looking to take your Dota 2 gameplay to the next level, don’t overlook the power of the Meteor Hammer. With the right strategies and a bit of luck, you might just be able to turn the tide of a match and emerge victorious.

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